LinkedIn Gets Personal with its Storytelling

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Of recent, I've been spending much more time on LinkedIn than other social media networks. I recently invested in a Premium account so that I could research who was reviewing my profile as well as improve the efficiency of networking with target organizations. The Premium account has the additional feature of an enhanced layout and a better view in search results. Platform wide, LinkedIn's curation of articles has really improved as well – I find myself paying attention to every email they send.

This is just my opinion, but I believe LinkedIn has been moving from a business-to-business approach to marketing and developing its platform to a professional-to-professional networking approach. Their latest brand campaign, Picture Yourself, hones in directly on this strategy with a fantastic storytelling approach to how to utilize their platform. Sarah Acton, director of brand marketing at LinkedIn wrote about the strategy on her blog.

Much like Apple markets what you can accomplish with their apps and hardware, LinkedIn is marketing what you can achieve when you utilize their platform. Utilizing real members and real stories is incredible as it touches the audience emotionally – the key to success behind storytelling marketing strategies.

The LinkedIn Picture Yourself campaign marks a unique approach for LinkedIn, as it not only celebrates the accomplishments of LinkedIn members (more than 300 million worldwide), but goes beyond the functional aspect of the LinkedIn profile and highlights the emotions that come with accomplishing career goals and the journey to fulfill childhood ambitions. This campaign marks the first time LinkedIn is using real members for a brand campaign, featuring 9 current LinkedIn members and their stories for the campaign. Through this new campaign, LinkedIn is further defining itself not only as a professional tool, but a moral compass demonstrating how LinkedIn can inspire users and build meaningful relationships.

I've advised many of my young colleagues to work and polish up their LinkedIn profiles, expand the content they share there, and to work their networks. As a business-owner myself, I recognize that the value of my business is directly attributable to the value of my network. LinkedIn is the best means of any professional to take control of their destiny, attract the right target audience, and connect with them to achieve the business results they dream of.

We've also been advising our clients to adopt storytelling as a primary focus of their content and social strategies. The ability to collect stories – via text, imagery, or video, nowadays is so simple. And the more stories you're able to tell, the better the chances that a prospective customer will view one and engage with the story because it's similar to their situation. Blathering on about your features or benefits is one thing, but having a customer discuss how their business or personal life was transformed is quite a step up!

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this brand and storytelling strategy! If you'd like to, you can share your story with LinkedIn by submitting it at the bottom of their Picture Yourself campaign page!

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