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Many companies such as ours work in the Business to Business (B2B) community. LinkedIn has become a priceless resource for us to connect, network, discover and build relationships with one another. LinkedIn is also a fantastic place to share and publish your content to build exposure for your company or brand.

Late last year, LinkedIn for Publishers released a Share Button that works much like the Twitter Retweet or Facebook Like button… sharing the page with your business network.

I had forgotten about the button until I noticed it on Compendium’s blog. Within a few minutes, I had it installed on this blog. For a page that’s dynamic, you can utilize the WordPress permalink function within the data-url element on the script tag.

In some ways, the value of sharing this information is more valuable on LinkedIn than perhaps on Facebook. Facebook may have the numbers, but LinkedIn has the people that I want DK New Media to get in front of.

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How can you combine different marketing techniques in B2B?

How can you combine different marketing techniques in B2B?

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      You can add it directly to your theme – in your main index page, single page… and any other page depending on how complex your theme is! If it’s on a page with multiple posts, you’ll want to modify the data-url to be the permalink.

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