You Might Have a Web 2.0 Problem When…

After meeting a new social networking addict, Dr. Thomas Ho, I was drawn to one of the services he used,

The video above (click through to the post) is a widget that I constructed using Profilactic’s service. It’s a list of all of the Web 2.0 sites that I belong to… you can find it on my newly designed About page. I think I have a problem!

If you belong to any of those sites, be sure to add me to your friends list! 😉


  1. 1

    hehe, that’s quite a collection you got there 🙂 I’m on way too many web 2.0 sites but nothing compared to this 😉

    One question, on how many of those sites are you truly active? 😉

    • 2

      I’m probably active on about a third of them… the others are sporadic. Sometimes I won’t visit for a couple months – but then I stay on the site for hours.

      All in all? Way too much time!

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