Lithium Customer Intelligence Center: From Customers to Superfans

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In today’s social-centric world, what customers say about the brand generate far more traction than any advertisement or paid content can deliver. It’s no wonder marketers strain their ears to try and understand what the customer is saying about the brand over the social sphere. Lithium‘s real-time social media monitoring solutions allow the marketer to listen, measure and track the voice of the customer.

Lithium Customer Intelligence Center gives you the tools to analyze social activity and create deeper customer engagement across Lithium Communities, Facebook, Twitter, and millions of sites throughout the social web. We’ve combined community analytics, social media analytics, and social media engagement into a single, integrated interface to make it easier to go from insights to action.

At the heart of Lithium’s social media monitoring solution is a dashboard. When the user creates a search using the brand name or any other keyword,  Lithium scours the various social media networks and populates the dashboard with the a list of the posts or quotes where the keyword was found. The dashboard also provides graphs that apply analytics to the results. The engine caters to both real time data and historic data and covers over 100 million blogs, photo and video sharing sites, mainstream news sites and forums besides popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

lithium conversations dashboard

From the search data, Lithium’s engine extracts words such as wishes, wants, loves, and hates to track sentiment automatically. The marketer can apply a human override function to fine-tune such sentiment tracking. There’s also an influencer view that allows the user to identify fans and followers that have the most influence in the community, allowing you insight into who the customer is and what the impact might be when you resolve the issue or comment on the feedback in a manner they’d appreciate and spread the word on.

lithium influencers dashboard

Even a cursory glance of the dashboard would allow the marketer to understand the overall customer sentiment. A detailed study would allow the marketer to not only make appropriate interventions to engage the customer better and maintain reputation but also decipher any underlying problems in the business process. For instance, a negative sentiment from a particular geographical area could be the trigger for soul searching, which may eventually trace the problem to poor delivery!

Using Lithium Customer Intelligence, you can:

  • Improve the Performance of Social Programs: Increase peerto-peer engagement levels and ensure the best resources are responding directly to social media posts
  • Identify and Cultivate Influencers: Turn fans into superfans who act as extensions of your marketing, sales, and support teams
  • Become the Center of Social Insights: Keep your finger on the pulse of hot topics, brand perception, and competitor activities

The utility of Lithium goes beyond social monitoring. Feeding in the competitor’s brand as a keyword allows the marketer to understand how customers and the general community relate to the your competitors as well! Even if you don’t decide to use their platform, be sure to check out their incredible resources on social media, influence, customer intelligence, etc.

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