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Litmus: How To Design Effective Email Campaigns That Convert

Litmus offers an all-in-one email optimization platform with a suite of tools and solutions designed to help teams create effective email campaigns that drive loyalty and boost revenue. Through a series of simple-to-follow steps, the company’s email platform empowers teams — regardless of their technical coding expertise — to quickly and efficiently create high-impact, error-free, on-brand quality email campaigns.

Litmus Build: Design Your Emails

Litmus Build - Build, Code, and Design HTML Emails

With Litmus Build, teams can cut development time in half. You have a robust Code Editor to build HTML emails from scratch or the Visual Editor, with its drag-and-drop modular building tools. The Design Library allows you to create a design system and store-branded code modules and reusable templates in one place so anyone can access and use these assets to get the right look and feel in all future email campaigns.

The email creation tools also allow you to preview your messages in over 100 popular email clients, and you can run a comprehensive QA test and loop in your team for their feedback and approvals as well. Moreover, ESP Sync enables you to sync your emails from Litmus with your email service provider (ESP). Once synced, any changes saved in Litmus automatically update in your ESP so everyone can access the most updated email version.

Litmus Personalize: Add Dynamic Content To Your Emails

Litmus Personalize - Dynamic Email Content

Marketers identified email message personalization (42%) and triggered email campaigns (40%) as among the most effective data-driven marketing personalization tactics. In fact, nine in 10 marketers believe personalization is imperative to their overall business strategy. Seventy-six percent of buyers expect more personalized attention from marketers to develop intimate brand relationships, and over 80% of customers willingly share data so marketers can create and deliver more personalized experiences. With inbox competition at an all-time high, personalization is no longer optional – but creating endless variations of every email is inefficient and impractical. 


Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, automates and scales email personalization using dynamic content automation to access data from CRMs, product feeds and other data sources and generates infinite email variations from just one HTML tag. Paired with AI-driven product recommendations, Litmus Personalize makes it seamless to create personalized 1:1 email campaigns.

Litmus Testing: Test Your Emails

Litmus Email Testing

As marketers, the last thing we want is for current and potential customers to have poor email experiences and unsubscribe from our email lists. But if emails arrive with broken links or copy errors, it can happen — and those mistakes damage your brand reputation, too. Email testing empowers you to fix mistakes before you send without adding time to your workflow. In fact, Litmus customers have cut email testing and QA time by 50%. 

You can preview campaigns in popular email clients—including Dark Mode—from one spot. You receive an automated, comprehensive QA test of everything checked by the pre-send automated Litmus Test: accessibility, links, images, tracking, and more. Litmus’ Spam Testing also runs over 25 spam filter tests, notifying you of issues and providing actionable solutions so you can get ahead of deliverability issues.

Litmus Proof: Collaborate On Your Emails

Litmus Email Design Collaboration and Workflow

The Litmus Proof tool can streamline the review and approval process, improving cross-team collaboration and trimming the process by up to two hours. This feature enables stakeholders to directly edit and suggest changes to animated gifs, coded HTML drafts, email designs or image files. It also tracks all versions of an email campaign — including comments and approvals — to provide a single, complete system of record.

You can assign specific reviewers, create designated groups, and share a folder of emails with anyone to support quick collaboration on complex, dynamic, multi-email campaigns. And since Litmus integrates with Slack, stakeholders receive instant notification when their input is required, which keeps the process moving efficiently. 

Litmus Email Analytics: Analyze Your Email Marketing

Litmus Email Analytics

Everyone likes numbers — especially when they show a 43%  increased email ROI after using Litmus Email Analytics. This tool provides marketers with data-informed insights to make decisions on email design, segmentation, and personalization to more effectively engage audiences, increase conversions and drive better results. 

Litmus Email Analytics automatically filters emails impacted by privacy measures like Apple Mail Privacy Protection and displays subscriber engagement data from reliable opens that marketers can use to identify and replicate successful emails. The data it collects includes identifying which apps and devices subscribers use most frequently, whether (and when) they use Dark Mode, how long they read your email, and more. Integrated Insights for Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud offer marketing teams an integrated view of their email campaign’s performance — along with email performance indicators and suggested follow-up actions — eliminating the need to analyze multiple data sources or spend hours reviewing trends. 

Litmus Integrations

Litmus Integrations - Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Eloqua, Constant Contact, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Acoustic, Mailchimp, Trellow, Microsoft Dynamics, Dreamweaver, HubSpot, SAP, Responsys, Marketo, Google Drive, Slack, OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Campaign,

Email isn’t an island, and its creation shouldn’t be treated as such. By integrating Litmus into your company’s tech stack, you save time, reduce errors and achieve higher results. In fact, Litmus’ technology integrations can cut inefficiency and reduce testing time by 50%. It seamlessly integrates with code editors, email service providers, CRMs, and other marketing tools to ensure teams’ abilities to increase the number of high-quality emails they send, maximizing efficiency and ROI. For example:

  • Litmus’ Chrome Browser Extension – allows you to preview and test HTML emails directly to decrease turnaround time and spot errors before you click send. 
  • ESP Sync – lets you sync emails to your email service provider (ESP) as you build in Litmus, keeping all stakeholders up-to-date in real-time. Easily import emails to Litmus for pre-send testing and review without the hassle and risk of manually copying and pasting code.
  • Slack – Integrating Litmus with Slack generates automatic notifications when it’s time for a stakeholder to take action, facilitating faster turnaround times and clear communication.
  • Trello – Using Litmus Power-Up for Trello allows you to attach emails to your Trello cards, track due dates and status, and improve collaboration.
  • Storage – Importing HTML files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive saves time, eliminates manual errors, and enables you to quickly upload code to build, proofread and preview emails before sending them.

Who can use Litmus?

Perhaps a better question is who isn’t a good fit for Litmus solutions. From designers and developers to marketing leaders, over 700,000 professionals use Litmus to help increase conversions and ROI.

  • Design and Development Teams – Design teams don’t want — or need — to be hampered by broken links, slow-to-load images or formatting fails, but manually testing emails on each and every device and email client isn’t practical. Litmus’ email marketing solution acts like another stakeholder, giving complete visibility into every link and layout. The platform identifies potential issues and offers suggestions so teams can focus on building, coding, and testing new ideas and campaigns. Because you see changes in real-time, it’s faster to test and fix issues before you send.
  • Marketers – When you’re juggling multiple marketing campaigns and need to send effective, high-performing emails to thousands (if not hundreds of thousands of people) quickly and efficiently, you can’t have a cumbersome email workflow. Litmus helps your team increase email effectiveness by making email creation and personalization a breeze, automating time-consuming pre-send testing steps, streamlining the email review and approval process, and gaining valuable insights to improve future campaigns.
  • Marketing Leadership – Knowing which marketing strategies and tactics drive business results and help you hit marketing-driven revenue targets is — at best — a challenge. Litmus’ robust post-campaign analytics empower marketing leaders to extract the right information to ensure every campaign generates the highest impact. By using Litmus’ suite of powerful email tools, you:
    • Set your marketing team up for success.
    • Easily access insights to improve personalization and segmentation.
    • Increase competitive advantages by understanding what is working, so you can apply those same strategies across all marketing channels.

Buyers across all industries are seeking something beyond traditional touchpoints. They expect personalized, accurate, engaging communications that empathize with, address, and offer solutions to resolve their pain points. 

To meet that expectation, marketing teams use Litmus, a better, more effective solution for optimizing the entire email workflow. Litmus opens up the potential of your email marketing programs. From helping easily transform data into 1:1, personalized email experiences to email testing, collaboration, and detailed analysis, you can feel confident that every email you send has the power to convert and drive business results.

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Cynthia Price

Cynthia Price is the SVP of Marketing at Litmus. Her team grows and supports the Litmus and email community through content marketing, demand generation, and events. She has been in the email marketing industry for over 10 years and was previously VP of Marketing at Emma, an email service provider. She's passionate about creating authentic communications and harnessing the power of email — the heart of the marketing mix.

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