Litmus: Can People Actually Read Your Email?


We’ve been focusing… er… screaming about mobile of late and I hope we’re getting your attention. If you do one thing today, it should be to test your email messages that you are sending out of your email vendor to see if people can actually read them.

As we developed core email templates for our email for WordPress solution, CircuPress, building a responsive email template that resized, was readable, and worked across the plethora of email clients was nothing short of daunting. We started with some free responsive email templates from Zurb.

When it was time to designing our own CircuPress on demand, daily and weekly emails, we gave up and hired the professionals at Email Monks to do it. Email Monks has over 100 beautiful, optimized email templates that you can simply purchase directly off of their site if you don’t have a design already developed.

Along with our email templates, Email Monks also provided us with our Litmus reports that provided us screenshots of each of our emails in different desktop, mobile and web-based email clients. Each could be clicked and zoomed in on as well:


Chances are that you’re spending a lot of money blasting out an email that may be unreadable on many devices. With over half of all people checking email on their mobile device – your antiquated table layout with no responsiveness may simply be getting thrown in the trash. Do some testing with Litmus to see!

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