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Jay Baer told us on our recent podcast that he had a system launching soon for identifying influencers online. There’s a few traditional public relations systems that do this, but unfortunately, they just haven’t captured online influence as well as they had with traditional reporters and writers.

Little Bird is the way for businesses of all sizes to discover true topical influencers online. Little Bird is in private beta and already used by Fortune 500 companies. After a successful pilot with two dozen enterprise customers, the product is being made available to a broader market of individuals and business customers.

  • Connect with Top Experts – Find real experts in any topic and connect with their community and content
  • Measure + Build Influence – Increase the influence of any user in relation to the real leaders in any field
  • Master any Topic Fast – Quickly build expertise in any topic to amplify your authority
  • Be the First to Know – Catch important ideas and events early so you can take action

Use Little Bird to engage experts that other experts trust!

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