Liven: Capture and Engage with Every Attendee at Your Next Event


When you’re a speaker, one of the biggest challenges you have is identifying who was in attendance at your session so you can follow up afterward. For attendees, it’s often frustrating that you can’t follow along with the presentation locally. Speakers often offer an email address where attendees can email them and request the slide deck. The problem is that it’s often too late. Attendees leave, forget the email address, and you’re unable to connect after the conference.

Liven is a brilliant web-based mobile application that changes all of this.

I recently utilized the platform at an event I held regionally. The event was free and open to the public, but it was essential that I obtain the contact information of the attendees so that I could connect with them for future events. As well, we had an open Q&A panel at the event, and we wanted to provide an easy way for attendees to ask questions.

With Liven, we provided our agenda and Powerpoint presentation. Liven configured the event code and published our slides. Best of all, we didn’t have to run Keynote or PowerPoint; we just pointed the big screen browser to the event presentation. As the presenter, we could advance our slides locally when we were logged into the platform… all via the Internet. It worked flawlessly. As the speaker, we were even notified on our page when a question was asked! The platform also offers a follow-up survey for attendees.

By keeping it a mobile web application, there were no downloads nor any confusion – I just asked everyone to pull out their smartphone, open a browser to, and enter their event code. No one had an issue registering and launching the event. Best of all, we walked out of the event with the contact information of everyone in attendance. Now, when we schedule our next event, we’ve got our email list to send a reminder too!

Liven is a startup and the founder, Mike Young, is backed by the incredible team at DeveloperTown. They’re moving fast with changes and implementing new features every month. You can create your first event now and take the platform for a test drive! If you’d like to demo the platform now, enter code TST.

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