Livestorm: Plan, Execute, and Optimize Your Inbound Webinar Strategy

Livestorm Webinar Platform

If there's one industry that's exploded in growth due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, it's the online events industry. Whether it's an online conference, a sales demonstration, a webinar, customer training, an online course, or just internal meetings… most companies have had to invest heavily in video conferencing solutions.

Inbound strategies are being driven by webinars nowadays… but it's not as simple as it sounds. The need to integrate or coordinate with other marketing channels, software downloads and compatibility, landing pages, form integration software, video software, and analytics are almost always needed to build a seamless online strategy from start to end.

Livestorm: On-Demand, Live, and Automated Webinars

Livestorm has built a simpler, smarter, better, webinar software that is focused on user experience, marketing insights, and automation.

Livestorm Webinar Software for Recurring, Live, Pre-Recorded, or On-Demand Webinars

You can run any style of webinar using the software:

  • Live Webinars – Livestorm is a browser-based HD solution, requiring no software downloads whatsoever. And, it enables screen sharing, Youtube or any other live-stream to be integrated into your webinar.
  • Recurring Webinars – Host one webinar with multiple sessions and keep the same landing page. Visitors can select their date of choice from your registration page.
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars – If you want a flawless webinar experience, one method to do this is to pre-record and upload your webinar to play to the audience. Just hit play!
  • On-Demand Webinars – Upload your webinar and let prospects watch your video when they want to.

Best of all, there's no storage limit for replaying your webinars!

Livestorm Features Include

  • Webinar Registration – customized forms or registration pages are built right in. Add additional fields to prequalify your prospects. And you can even embed the forms on your website.
  • Email Marketing – Import your contacts, send a personalized email invitation, and automatically send reminders for your registrants to attend,
  • Audience Interaction – chat, polls, questions and answers, and goes presenters can all participate in real-time with your webinar.
  • Reporting – Capture the source of registrations and referrals, view an attendees funnel, track participation, and view registrant profiles for your webinar.
  • Tag Implementation – Add Google Analytics, Intercom, Drift, or any other script tags to your registration pages.
  • Integration – Extract all of your registrant information, polling responses, analytics data, or integrate it to Zapier, Slack, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Payment Gateways, Advertising, Live Chat, or push to a CRM via a productized integration to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, Salesmate, Zenkit, or SharpSpring.
  • Webhooks and API – Integrate Livestorm with your own website or platform with their robust API and webhooks.

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Disclosure: I'm an affiliate for Livestorm.

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