Local Search is Growing, Are You Even on the Map?

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Trying to get into a search results page for a specific keyword term can take a lot of work. I'm surprised at the number of local businesses, though, that don't take advantage of Google Local Business. I worked with my favorite Indianapolis Coffee Shop, The Bean Cup, to get good search engine placement… but the first step was to ensure they were listed on Google's map:

Local Business - Indianapolis Coffee Shop

If you do a search on Google for coffee shop Indianapolis, before any search results come up a map appears with all of the local coffee shops in Indianapolis.

Getting on this map isn't a matter of popularity, it's simply a matter of registering for Google Local Business. Registering and identifying your location on Google Local Business puts you on popular Google Search engine results where a map is displayed – as well as puts you on the map with Google Map searches.

The Bean Cup Google Map

There are a ton of options available as well – uploading photos, coupons, phone numbers, hours of operation, etc. The validation process is pretty simple… Google makes an automated phone call to the business number you've supplied to ensure you're real. If you have an automated phone system, you can opt-in for Google to mail you a validation card. Once you receive the card, just log into your account and enter the verification code.

What are you waiting for? Put your business on the map today! Did I mention that it's free?


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    This is essential for all kind of local business. It gives your leads and potential customers the feeling that you are there waiting for them to go. Placing your business in the top of searching results and for more than one result create a big impact on your customers. They won´t doubt to click on your link!

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