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Last April, I did a post about Google My Business. This weekend, I picked up my daughter from her hair appointment. The salon was beautiful and the folks working there were fantastic. The owner asked me what I did for a living and I told him I helped companies with their online marketing.

We were standing at a computer and he shared with me that his point of sales provider also did his website. I asked him to search on Google for “Hair Stylist, Greenwood, IN“. Up popped up a nice map with all of his competition… but no entry for his salon. I walked him through publishing his business on Google My Business and it took all of 10 minutes.

If you’re in the business of selling websites for regional businesses or doing local search engine optimization, how can you leave this out of your strategy? It’s free, it’s at the top of the search results page, and it’s easy to use! Google has even added local status updates to the page.

Even if you’re not a regional business, I would still advise you to use Google My Business. Businesses like to utilize local resources because they’re easier to communicate with, visit, and get support from. Shop local, buy local, search local… and list your business so that you’re found. Bing also has a Local Listings Center


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    I think that the more channels you deliver your information and build a presence for your business, the more eyeballs you will get and the more strong your brand is going to become. Google Local Business is definitely on my list!

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    Most of the time business owners are so engrossed with advertising their companies on networking sites or the internet that they do oftentimes overlook these options. This is most especially true for very old mom and pop businesses, who had always relied on the word of mouth reputation of their companies.

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    We have been spending a lot of time optimizing local client businesses into Google Local Business as well as Maps and using Maps Booster. For example one of our sites airport parking reservation companies get half of their traffic just from the Maps listing alone. Having your local business on page one is crucial and we do see opportunity for our clients as we get them on page one multiple times for their “money keywords”. I like to get clients on Maps, PPC and Natural. Doing this I can cover 10-15% of all the page one real estate. When potential customer do a search and see more than one listing above and or below the fold we see a lot of new business, not to mention new customers.

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