Localytics: Mobile App Analytics and App Marketing

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Localytics provides a real-time mobile application analytics service for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 applications. Their cloud-based solution provides a closed-loop personalization platform which enables clients to segment users based on genuine in-app activity and deliver targeted and predictive marketing campaigns.


Localytics Mobile App Analytics includes:

  • Dashboards allow clients to analyze the user behaviors that matter, right as they happen
  • Funnel management allows clients to use data to motivate prospects to conversion
  • User segmentation enables clients to divide and conquer your users via predictive and behavior-driven data
  • Engagement analysis – track user segments from the very first day of app usage to see a full, three-dimensional view of usage over time.
  • Lifetime value tracking – analyze which customer segments have the highest total lifetime value and leverage that insight to further fine-tune your mobile app marketing.
  • Supports all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML 5.
  • Integration – a query builder and export API allow you to integrate your data with your existing enterprise systems.
  • Data security– use Amazon Web Services is utilized to keep all your data secured 24/7.

Localytics Mobile App Marketing provides a number of rich features as well, helping you to identify, analyze and take action on app data in real-time to help you get more engagement, loyalty better interactions with your end users, driving engagement, top-line revenue and loyalty. Their platform provides acquisition management, campaign management, behavioral & location targeting, personalized In-App messaging and A/B Testing.

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