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As we develop content strategies for our clients, we often work across mediums and layers of intent. We push a lot of broad content that gateways into detailed infographics that gateway into white papers or case studies. For the visitor researching their next purchase, they appreciate the focus from broad to narrow without wasting their time.

What if that content journey could be nurtured, personalized based on visitor data, and driven through relevant campaigns at the buyers own pace? Cetera Financial, a retail investment advice platform, found that leads who chose to binge on content were 2.4X more likely to be sales-accepted

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That's the experience that LookBookHQ provides sophisticated content marketers.

LookBookHQ helps you seize these moments by shifting from scheduled, one-and-done programs to behavior-driven, always-on marketing that capitalizes on your buyer's attention while you've got it.


LookBookHQ Features Include

  • Content Pyramid View – Provide related assets that visitors can explore at their own pace.
  • Content Grid View – Create visually engaging microsites and package related content assets together.
  • Content Nuture View – Map out the journey you want prospects to take with timed content promotion, forms, and personalized experiences.
  • Content Flow View – Promote multiple content assets that visitors can navigate through in a single session.
  • Identify Prospects – See how anonymous and known contacts are interacting with content assets.
  • Measure Engagement – See exactly how many assets a prospect has engaged with and for how long.
  • Aggregate Engagement – Analyze aggregate engagement data to understand what content is really working.
  • Scoring and Segmentation – De-anonymize known visitors and feed content based on their segment or score.
  • Lead Capture – Determine when and where to add conversion points to the content experience.

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