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Lucidpress beta is a web-based, drag-and-drop design app for print and digital publishing. The app allows anyone to easily create professional looking content for print or the web, and can be used in business or personal environments.

Where desktop software lags behind the new realities of an evolved market, we see a clear future with web-based applications. With Lucidpress, our goal is to make it easy for anyone to create stunning content like a design pro with all the added functionality made possible in the cloud. – Karl Sun, CEO, Lucid Software

Design tools right now are either too complicated and/or expensive (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign), or not purpose built (Word, PPT). Lucidpress is an alternative solution that's inexpensive and both easy to use and, since it's cloud-based, also has collaboration tools built directly within the interface. With zero learning curve, accessible pricing, and collaborative features, Lucidpress is a killer productivity tool for the cloud-based office suite.

Lucidpress is built by the team behind Lucidchart, the popular diagramming web app that garnered 1M+ users, including teams at AT&T, Warby Parker, Citrix, Ralph Lauren, and Groupon.

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