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If you’ve not heard the term Progressive Web App, it’s a technology that you should be paying attention to. Imagine a world that sits between a typical website and a mobile application. Your company may wish to have a robust, feature rich application that’s more engaging than a website… but would like to forego the expense and complexity of building an application that requires deployed through app stores.

What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

A progressive web application is a software application that’s delivered via a typical web browser and built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PWAs are web applications that function like a native mobile app – with integrations to phone hardware, the ability to access it via a home screen icon, and offline capabilities but don’t require an app store download. 

If your company is looking to deploy a mobile application, there are several challenges involved that can be overcome with a progressive web application.

  • Your application doesn’t need to access advanced hardware features of a mobile device and you can provide every feature from a mobile browser instead.
  • Your return on investment isn’t enough to cover the cost of mobile application design, deployment, approval, support, and updates required through the app stores.
  • Your business isn’t dependent upon mass app adoption, which can be very complex and expensive to gain adoption, engagement, and retention. In fact, enticing a user to download your application may not even be a possibility if it requires too much space or frequent updates.

If you think mobile app is the only option, you may want to rethink your strategy. Alibaba switched to a PWA when they were struggling to get shoppers coming back to their eCommerce platform. Switching to a PWA netted the company a 76% increase in conversion rates.

Lumavate: A Low-Code PWA Builder

Lumavate is a leading low-code mobile app platform for marketers. Lumavate enables marketers to quickly build and publish mobile apps with no code required. All mobile apps built in Lumavate are delivered as progressive web apps (PWAs). Lumavate is trusted by organizations such as Roche, Trinchero Wines, Toyota Industrial Equipment, RhinoAg, Wheaton Van Lines, Delta Faucet, and more.

Benefits of Lumavate

  • Rapid Deployment – Lumavate makes it easy for you to build and publish mobile apps in only a few hours. You can take advantage of one of their Starter Kits (app templates) that you can quickly rebrand or build an app from scratch using an extensive collection of widgets, microservices, and components. 
  • Publish Instantaneously – Bypass the app store and make real-time updates to your apps that will be instantly delivered to your customers. And, never worry about developing for different operating systems and devices ever again. When you build with Lumavate, your experiences will look beautiful on all form-factors.
  • Device Agnostic – Build once for multiple form factors and operating systems. Each app built using Lumavate is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Your customers get the best user experience on their mobile, laptop, or tablet.
  • Mobile Metrics – Lumavate connects to your existing Google Analytics account to provide you with real-time results that you can capitalize on immediately. You have full access to valuable consumer data based on how, when, and where your apps are being accessed. And, if you use other analytics platforms for your business, then you can easily integrate Lumavate to your preferred tool and have all of your data in one place.

Lumavate has deployed PWAs across industries, including CPG, Construction, Agriculture, Employee Engagement, Entertainment, Events, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Restaurants, and Retail.

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