Designed to Indicate Something Out of the Ordinary

madascar red button

My kids are always making fun of me for my love of animated movies – I simply can’t get enough of them. As I was watching Madagascar 2, I loved this scene where the red light begins flashing on and off… watch how it’s handled by the penguins at the wheel:

It’s too bad that Analytics don’t always have flashing red lights “designed to indicate something out of the ordinary” as well as the manuals on how to fix them. Of course – even if they did – as long as the plane was still flying, they’d probably choose to do nothing.

Organizations are also mesmerized by growing numbers (as am I!). The problem is that there are typically stories within the numbers that should be flashing red bulbs. It’s your job as a Marketer to find them… perhaps a significant drop in keyword traffic, or a referring site that pops up out of nowhere.

The closest we get to a manual is the ongoing advice of folks like Avinash Kaushik and analytics best practices blogs. What kind of red lights have you uncovered (or ignored) in your Analytics?

Perhaps you should do something about it before the plane goes down! Or do you find your Analytics Reports “pretty and somewhat hypnotic”?

What do you think?

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