Magento vs osCommerce vs OpenCart

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Global ecommerce sales are growing at 19% per year and not slowing down anytime soon. This infographic from Forix Web Design compares three of the leading platforms – Magento, osCommerce and OpenCart, to help users choose which ecommerce platform may be the best for their shopping cart site.

The three of these platforms are over powering over 30% of the market. While there are plenty more options out there, utilizing a well-adopted ecommerce platform that has a large development and support community may provide you with the edge you need. They're the quickest at adopting new strategies – whether it's rich snippets or mobile usage.

Magento vs osCommerce vs OpenCart


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    Hey Douglas, this is a great comparison. What I don’t understand is the “X” @ “Magento -> Statistics”. Even the CE edition provides numerous reports, i.e. abandoned carts, topsellers, top customers and so on.

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      It’s a good point, @google-65b2531b86017a5e6a499632b90ed9ce:disqus. I’m not sure that I would have X’d that, either. Perhaps it was just in comparison to the other carts.

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    osCommerce is history, Magento rules for large stores. OpenCart and PrestaShop are good for smaller ones. I strongly recommended to all my clients to migrate from osCommerce to Magento, Presta or OpenCart. If you’re on osCommerce – move forward

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    “Magento is good for big sites “ and “Opencart good for
    small” NOT TRUE

    I have read this in
    dozens of articles and blog write ups. Our experience is contrary.

    We have established
    large size Diamond trading site on OpenCart and Magento. And realized “OpenCart “ is much more efficient.
    Magento hogs lots of server processing and for more than approx. 20,000
    products DB indexing sucks. For self managed shops learning curve for magento shop
    owner’s is too steep .OpenCart extensions are cheaper and plenty.

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    More then 90% people knows that magento is on top and mostly people like this. remaing 10% dont like it just because of its templet. But still they are improving it .. thats why remaing people are also moving from all other platforms to magent.

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    Hi Douglas,
    Great comparison. No doubt Magento Ecommerce solution is really best one while oscommerce is an old one solution. People are now moving to the new and more effecient solutions.

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