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Monetization of a blog is difficult unless you have a lot of traffic or if you have a great niche. I run a few different advertising technologies on my site and have been impressed with the revenue I've attained. One of the issues with running ad space is getting the most out of the real estate. Do you run display ads? Banners? Buttons? Text links?

I believe this is the idea behind new efforts such as Rubicon Project (which has increased my revenue on pay-per-click advertising three-fold on my blog). Their system monitors performance on ads and adjusts the advertising displayed there accordingly.

Notice where I decided to ‘play' and make my own recommendations… not good:

Rubicon Project Performance

The Next Generation of Monetization

Next on the web are applications that will allow both the publisher and the advertiser full control, though. ContextWeb, a leading contextural advertising company announced yesterday that they are launching ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk. Here's a blurb from their Press Release:

Agencies face the challenging issues of efficient media spend and access to actionable insights in a time of audience fragmentation. They will use the ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk to associate performance to context across all digital campaign media spend. Using the same real time contextual engine that powers the company's media business, a digital agency can use the ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk across buying on portals, ad networks and site specific buys to break down buys into content categories and associate campaign performance with those categories. The service operates separately from the company's media business.

Once a buyer or analyst receives this analysis, the agency can?with the push of a button?buy more of the inventory that is working for a given campaign and sell any inventory that is underperforming their expectations.

With ADSDAQ (not implemented on my blog yet), I can set a minimum price for my real estate BUT serve other ads if no one decides to purchase. What a great idea!

ADSDAQ Monetization

In other words, if I state the top left button is worth $150, an Advertiser on ADSDAQ could secure the position and pay the price. However, if no one bites, I can display an alternative advertisement there. Very intelligent. Now you decide what your real estate is worth! I'm going to dig into this deeper and hope to really experiment in upcoming months with ADSDAQ. The greatest part is that I need not abandon the folks I am using now!

Article on Yahoo! Business


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    Douglas– thanks for the post! I’m responsible for the publisher program at the Rubicon Project. I am glad to hear of your positive experience with our program. Our team has been working very hard to help publishers like you make more money from the ads on your site while doing less work.

    Definitely keep us posted on your feedback.

    the Rubicon Project

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      Thanks for stopping by, JT.

      Rubicon didn’t play well with ADSDAQ so I had to pull that method. The ads showed up but no clicks appeared to register in Rubicon. We can’t have that! I think I could have ‘faked’ it out by serving the page through an iframe, but that’s a bit of a hack.

      I dropped a note to support tonight. Another kudos on your customer service – you guys are incredible.


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