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The Offense and Defense of Demand Generation

With March Madness Sweet Sixteen games underway, Integrate thought this would be a perfect time to exploit their target personas’ collegiate sports enthusiasm. The new Integrate infographic is a timely, fun infographic uses thinly veiled, yet hopefully informational basketball metaphors to illustrate the benefits of automating third-party demand generation efforts.

Key points of the infographic include:

  • Bad Offense – Manual tasks and slow reaction times
  • Great Offense – Automating to score more opportunities
  • Bad Defense – Letting corrupted data slip through
  • Great Defense – Blocking corrupted data

Integrate provides some amazing statistics… not just the time savings your team can make, but the accelerated increase in demand generation leading to greater business results. The majority of the infographic focuses on the cleanliness, completeness and movement of data necessary for better and faster targeting.

Demand Generation Data Cleanliness Infographic

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Is Modern Commerce Part of Your Formula for Success?

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