Market Like A Mommy Blogger

Mommy bloggersMoms.jpg have been in the news lately because of their penchant for free goods and the perks that come with being well-followed pitch-women.

What makes mom bloggers such a sought after group from PR pros and marketers is that they can mobilize large groups of women (mostly), that trust what they say, have built themselves as trusted advisors, and know what their community wants. So, what do marketers learn from mommy bloggers?

Be Passionate:

The passion that mom bloggers have can’t be faked and the passion you have for your business should not be faked either.  The most successful blogs are ones that have been built out of passion for something the writer has, their family, their work and family, etc. As a marketer you need to define what your company is passionate about. 37 Signals has built a huge following around their passion for simple, effective software.

Campaign Monitor has built a great email marketing tool around the passion of well designed emails. Whatever your passion is, make it come through in your marketing and remember, your customers can tell real passion from something that is manufactured!

Make a Connection

Connecting with their readers is what mom bloggers do best. They know what buttons to push and how to drive their readers to action because they have a common bond. Sure, not all marketers can have a unique bond like motherhood with their customers, but they can find some sort of common link.

As a marketer you need to understand what your customers need and how you can connect with them. Whether it is through a simple online survey, or through other online tools like Social Media, finding a way to connect with your customers is crucial in today’s world of one-to-one marketing.

Rally for a Cause:

Many a mom blogger has rallied for a cause. Whether it is a disease or Girl Scout Cookies. As a business your passion can be seen through what you believe. Whether you have a socially conscious issue or a cause for simpler, more effective tools, you can rally your customers and potential customers and make them your brand advocates built around a shared belief. 

Case in point, Salesforce quickly became known as the No Software CRM and now boasts 59,000 companies as users of their solution. They came out swinging against the tied down CRM solutions on company servers and democratized CRM by allowing you to access your database anywhere in the world.

Ethos built a brand of water around a cause – clean water for children – and helped it achieve distribution through Starbucks. When you buy Ethos you are buying it for the belief that children should have clean water. Your brand needs to stand for something to stand out, but remember if you stand for everything you can’t stand for anything…so choose wisely.

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