The Disrupter in Marketing Automation

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When I recently wrote about the past, present and future of marketing, one area of focus was marketing automation. I spoke about how the industry was truly split.

There are low-end solutions that require you to match their processes in order to be successful. These aren't inexpensive… many costs thousands of dollars per month and basically require you to retool how your company works to match their methodology. I believe this spells disaster for many companies… who are successful because the process they had worked far better.

The high-end solutions offer a ton of flexibility and customization, but the implementation is brutal. At times, it requires months of work and even dedicated programming and management resources. We work with several companies who have licensed marketing automation solutions, but have yet to fully implement and leverage the technology. So… they're paying enormous costs, but never realizing the potential.


Right On Interactive is disrupting the market (again). Right On Interactive has already been named a trend setting marketing automation company by Gleanster – with the fastest implementation and easiest interfaces. Now they're changing the way companies can adopt lifecycle marketing strategies.

Right On Interactive now allows companies to enter the marketing automation market at any level of their sophistication. If they don't have a strategy, they can start with a basic package. If they've mastered email marketing and are ready for triggered and drip marketing, they can move or start with automation. And if they're ready to fully leverage the platform, they can move or start with lifecycle marketing.

Here's a breakdown of the Right On Interactive packages:

  • Basic – Email, Landing Page and Form Tool, Email Reporting and Tracking, Segment Builder, Web Analytics, Anonymous Visitor Report, Identified Visitor Report and Hot Lead Report.
  • Automation – In addition to Basic, add Social Analytics and Reporting, Automated Marketing Programs, Marketing Programs Reporting, Visibility in CRM and a Dedicated Client Success Manager.
  • Lifecycle – In addition to all the features of Basic and Automation, Lifecycle Marketing, Lifecycle Staging and Gate Criteria, and 3D Scoring.

Best of all, the basic package is far less expensive than single featured vendors in the industry. No need to migrate from one vendor to another – leaving actionable customer intelligence behind. With Right On Interactive all the data is already there, they just enable more features as you move up to the next package.

Here's an overview of how Right On Interactive differs

Disclosure: Right On Interactive is a sponsor of Martech Zone, they're clients of DK New Media (we produced the video), and we're clients of theirs!

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