Marketing Blog Likes and Dislikes

eat your veggiesMarketing Blogs are on my daily digest schedule. I follow marketing bloggers on Twitter and have a bazillion marketing blog feeds in my reader (which I never keep up with). I often read a blog and stop within a few days because of the content, others I’ve read for years.

I don’t believe there’s any single #1 marketing blog on the Internet. I’ll be honest and tell you that, although I highly respect Seth Godin’s books, I’m not a fan of his blog at all. I’ve already pre-ordered Seth’s new book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, … but I don’t often visit his blog. Seth often throws out a bombshell every day worth discussing – but without any comments, there’s no opportunity to discuss.

I appreciate the diversity that reading many marketing blogs provide. Marketing is a very diverse topic in itself, spanning from traditional media, to broadcast, to personal branding and new media. Marketing also involves the overall business, sales, and advertising strategies.

My Marketing Blog Likes

  • If you have a marketing blog, you should both practice what you preach and share the results.
  • If you’re informing your readers about industry statistics, be sure to look for evidence to the contrary. Data is often presented with prejudice.
  • Marketing blogs should provide the tools and steps necessary for marketers to execute similar campaigns.
  • Marketing blogs should solicit comments and response and give those perspectives the spotlight… even allowing those who disagree with the opportunity to guest post.

My Marketing Blog Dislikes

  • Marketing blogs that only observe, comment and relay information – never providing the hands on expertise that all blogs should provide.
  • Marketing bloggers should close every post recognizing that they shared some kind of helpful information with a marketer… not just an average reader.
  • Marketing blogs shouldn’t be about the marketer, they should be about the customer, the process, the tools, the tactics and the results.

Of couse, I also wish there were a distinction between Internet Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Online Marketing blogs. Although I respect some of the strategies deployed by Multi-Level Marketers, the typical corporation with a marketing director could never engage with their prospects the same way. I wish Marketing Blogs would clearly distinguish themselves.

What characteristics do you find engaging on a Marketing Blog? What characteristics make you want to leave? What topics would you like us to cover more? Comment on this post or use the Feedback tab on the left.

What do you think?

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