Marketing Campaign Checklist: What Are You Missing?

Marketing Campaign Checklist

As DK New Media continues to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their strategies that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. I’ve been developing an on-demand digital marketing curriculum with a regional university to help bridge this gap. It’s based on the framework I use for all our clients documented graphically in our Agile Marketing Journey.

Along with the journey, I want digital marketing specialists to always have a process when sitting down to plan out any initiative. I called this checklist the Marketing Initiative Worksheet – it’s not limited to campaigns, it’s about every marketing effort you make, from a tweet to an explainer video.

Here’s the list of questions that should be answered for every marketing initiative.

Marketing Checklist:

  1. What is the audience for this marketing initiative?
  2. Where is the audience for this marketing initiative?
  3. How many resources will this marketing initiative take?
  4. Are there efforts that we can coordinate with to maximize this initiative’s results?
  5. How will we measure whether this initiative is successful?
  6. How long will it take to see if this initiative is successful?
  7. What did we learn from this marketing initiative that can be applied to the next?

Marketing is all about measurement, momentum, and continuous improvement. Answer these 7 questions with every marketing initiative and I guarantee you’ll see improved results!

DK New Media Marketing Initiative Worksheet

I hope you enjoy the worksheet as you move forward with your initiatives, let me know how it helped you!

Download the Marketing Initiative Worksheet

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