Marketing Engagement: Fun with Videos

Marketing Fun Videos

Building a platform for businesses to blog on is only a success if those customers actually leverage the platform. We know our clients would succeed in getting a return on investment if we could just get them to create and share more posts about their products and services.

Platform utilization requires that the software as a service company actually have a strategy to ensure utilization. From onboarding through monitoring usage, a platform should be checking to ensure you’re fully leveraging the platform. It’s pretty simple… utilization leads to results, results leads to a return on investment, and a return on investment leads to customer renewals and expansion.

When we saw a dip in our utilization, we got creative to come up with an email campaign that incorporated some poorly produced and wacky videos to capture our customers’ attention.

If you’re going to leave your humility at the door, you may as well post about it. We’ve been doing some intensive re-engagement campaigns for clients whose content productivity was lacking.

We pulled out all the stops and had some fun with some videos for our clients. They were recorded using an iPhone, iMovie, and the default audio tracks. We produced them all in a day and pushed them out!

Fun Marketing Video: Please Post!

After one week, the results were great for most of our clients, so we dropped them an email today to thank them.

Fun Marketing Video: You Posted, Doug is Saved!

And of course, our clients who didn’t step up to the plate received an alternate message.

Fun Marketing Video: You Didn’t Post, Doug is NOT Saved!

Disclosure: I’m a shareholder and co-founder of Compendium Blogware.


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