Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present and Future

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Each year I struggle with whether or not to write a predictions post or promote someone else’s. Kapost has put together this infographic – The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present & Future:

The goal of our infographic was to take a snapshot of the past, the present, and not-too-distant future of marketing. We hope you like it.

Predictions concern me because they may set an expectation that simply won’t come to fruition. I believe the advent of social media marketing was like this. While an incredible medium to leverage for marketing, I believe it overshadowed other marketing strategies that continue to be more effective. That doesn’t mean social media is not effective – quite the opposite. I just believe marketers spent so much time and effort on working social media that they forgot that mediums like email were still driving a ton of traffic and conversions.

Here’s my advice – measure the impact of your efforts this last year to predict your budget to continue powering your marketing efforts next year. Here’s an important key, though. Set apart a specific percentage of your marketing budget for testing new strategies or trying the latest and greatest. This will quench your thirst on the next shiny thing that grabs your attention.

Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present and Future

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