Practical Marketing Predictions to Plan for 2015

2015 marketing predictions

Or maybe even now! This is a solid list of 10 areas of focus that marketers need to think about.

You need to know where to allocate the bulk of your marketing budget, based on the tactics your customers and prospects are engaging with more frequently. That’s why Wheelhouse Advisors tried to make this infographic as comprehensive as possible, addressing issues from Email Marketing, to lead conversion, to automation platforms.

10 Marketing Predictions for 2015

  1. The continued popularity in content marketing.
  2. Use of marketing data.
  3. Increase in marketing noise.
  4. Decrease in guest posting.
  5. Adoption of video.
  6. Increase in marketing software acquisitions.
  7. Personalization.
  8. Micro targeting and hyper-segmentation.
  9. Increased focus on mobile.
  10. Increased online ad spend.

All of this, of course, points to the need to be more efficient with your marketing efforts – broad branding expenses need to be replaced with more effective, better developed, well-targeted investments. Tools and platforms to assist you in researching, deploying, automating and measuring your responses needs to be a portion of your overall marketing spend.


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