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The Real Estate industry has undergone some huge changes thanks to a housing bubble (predicted here), technology changes, and further domination of search online. The bubble as well as the rise and incredibly deep fall of the mortgage market has forced real estate agents to be more cautious with their marketing investments.

Technology has changed as well, though. Mobile integration and online technologies offer systems that offer real estate agents robust applications, including virtual real estate tours, mobile virtual real estate tours, and audio real estate tours. These systems weren’t affordable to the Real Estate Agent a few years ago – the agent would have to be combine forces with other competition rather than owning the application themselves.

Even Google got in the Real Estate game last May. Agents and their properties can be submitted to Google Maps Real Estate. Click the Search Options link to the right of the Search Maps button and a drop-down list will appear. Select Real Estate and you get quite a robust application:

Over 56% of all Internet searches on “real estate” and related terms are conducted on Google and their partner sites, according to Google. Pushing data to Google can even be automated utilizing the Google Base Data API.


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    Only one thing I'd mention–otherwise fantastic synopsis: SMS is increasingly relevant to the mobile real estate space. Usage is up and climbing, and when combined with mobile web, prospects and RE professionals are really getting the best of modern marketing technology. Oh, and I happen to work for a company that does this. B)

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