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Marketing, Sales & Service: The New Rules of Customer Engagement

As social media gives customers a louder voice than they’ve ever had before, the smartest companies are changing the way they approach marketing, customer service, and sales. Every day, American consumers hold 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. How will your company be spoken of? Happy customers are a company’s best friend and to help you understand the new rules of customer engagement, SAP has compiled all of the essential information into the infographic below.

While a company’s products are important, only 40% of peoples’ willingness to recommend that company is determined by their perceptions of products and 60% is determined by their perceptions of the company itself. Though a company can no longer control the dialogue surrounding their company, they can definitely pay attention to it and shape it in the best light possible.

When it comes to sales, customers need to be engaged and smart companies can do this by understanding their customers’ unique challenges, connecting with them early to shape their vision, and creating excellent buying experiences that they can’t wait to tell their friends about.

World class customer service is crucial for creating customer advocates.  59% of customers would be willing to try a new brand to get better customer service. If you know more about your customers than they know about you, you can make sure your brand is always spoken highly of.

SAP New Rules

Kelsey Cox

Kelsey Cox is the Director of Communications at Column Five, a creative agency that specializes in data visualization, infographics, visual campaigns, and digital PR in Newport Beach, Calif. She is passionate about the future of digital content, advertising, branding and good design. She also really enjoys the beach, cooking, and craft beer.

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