Launched: The MarketingClips Video Series

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In a recent study, consumers said that brands were not meeting their demand for online video. This wasn’t a few… it was about two-thirds of consumers. As a marketing related blog, we need to practice what we preach. In our partnership with Edge of the Web Radio, we already have our podcast segmented into great videos, but we knew we needed more to share with you here. As a result, we’re launching a new series called MarketingClips!

We’ve employed the assistance of the folks at Candidio, a fantastic service where we upload our video and some information and they edit and produce the video – adding an introduction, outro screen and any other information we specify. This takes hours off of our production and it’s a lot more cost effective than me trying to get it done. Note – if you sign up with Candidio, be sure you tell them you heard about their service from me!

You can subscribe to the channel on YouTube here:

We’re not just feeding our audience, we’re also feeding search. Now, with multiple mediums within posts on our page, the ability for them to rank better is spread across multiple audiences who may share and link to the articles. It’s no wonder that pages with video tend to rank better, get clicked on more, and ultimately increase conversions.

It’s overdue, but we wanted to set an example with this series to show you how easy it can be to kick off a video series and produce videos that are short, succinct, (hopefully entertaining), have a central point to make, and help you get to know me better. Video is a fantastic tool for making an emotional connection with your audience – stop ignoring it. If you’re interested in filming your own clip (target length is 1 minute and 30 seconds) for us to share – let us know!

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