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Save $50 on Your MarketingProfs PRO Membership

If you’ve not checked out some of the amazing benefits and courses available through MarketingProfs, you really should. For more than 10 years, MarketingProfs has shown professionals what really works – and what doesn’t – in the marketplace today.

Basic Membership includes access to a rich library of articles and newsletters. PRO Membership adds how-to seminars, short Take 10 webcasts, inspiring Case Study Collections, handy SmartTools, and more. Join today, and learn why more than 492,000 professionals rely on MarketingProfs to help them build marketing programs that work.

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The Internet is full of marketing tips, marketing advice, and marketing experts—but most of what is out there is either pure garbage or really confusing to figure out. The MarketingProfs editorial team cuts through all of this marketing noise to find the experts and in-the-trenches marketers who know what they are talking about. They take their know-how and mix it with their marketing smarts to turn it into practical advice that you can actually use through our newsletters, conferences, seminars, podcast, articles, and webcasts.

They must be doing it right, they’re a multi-million dollar company that serves a community of more than 492,000 entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and professional marketers at the world’s largest corporations.

Join today using coupon code DKVIP and you’ll receive $50 off of the PRO Membership cost of $279!

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