Spotlight: Marketpath CMS and Ecommerce

marketpath cms
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Marketpath provides professional website design, development, and implementation services that follow the Marketpath 5D’s: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver, and Drive. Marketpath is located here regionally and we share some clients. Marketpath has done an incredible job at providing a comprehensive CMS that integrates your content management system and optional ecommerce store effortlessly.

Here Matt Zentz, CEO and Founder, and Kevin Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, discuss their products and services they provide their clients. They’ve done a great job of updating their CMS to leverage both search and mobile for their clients – a list that continues to grow year after year!

Thanks to our video partners at 12 Stars Media for the great production! Check out Candidio, a fantastic service from 12 Stars Media where you upload your raw video and their team edits and distributes it!

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