Welcome to our New Martech Publication!

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It’s only been a year since we last reskinned our WordPress site. While I liked the layout, we had a ton of plugins and customizations to make it function the way we wanted it, too. With WordPress, that can begin to spell disaster from a performance standpoint and we were seeing the cracks in the foundation.

So, we went on the hunt for a design that could incorporate both very large displays as well as be responsive to mobile screens – all while encouraging our readers to stick around to find the information they were seeking.

We developed a custom WordPress child theme over a foundational theme, then added back in a few of the core functions that we needed to push the content to our mobile application as well as syndicate our feed to some specific services where we want to share the content.

As you may have noticed, we’re rebranding from The Marketing Technology Blog to Martech, the industry-specific term for sales and marketing technology. The term blog has gone by the wayside as we continue to publish research and articles focused on assisting professionals with researching, discovering, and learning about sales and marketing technology. We also have a simple domain we purchased marketing.technology that forwards here (we may move everything over to that domain once .technology domains are a bit more popular.

What’s next for Martech?

  • Martech Clips – We now have a full studio and videographer to assist us with recording professional and engaging videos to help you learn more.
  • Martech Zone Community – We have launched a community to provide the incredible network of professionals we work with a tool to help one another.
  • Martech Learning Center – Stay tuned! We’re launching a learning center for marketing technology very soon. While there are some incredible resources out there for strategic marketing assistance, we believe there’s a huge gap in actually helping implement the technology. And vendor sites sometimes include a bit too much marketing spin, so we want to provide some real-world scenarios for marketers to implement.

What’s the ultimate goal for Martech?

We may be a decade away, but we’re working on a cohesive strategy where marketers, sales professionals, and businesses can get the information they’re looking for, the training they need, additional documentation where necessary, assessments and certification, as well as professional services. We’ve been doing much of this for our clients over the last decade, but it’s time to solidify our products and scale them for the masses.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! There’s been a ton of hard work getting here and Jenn, Harrison, and I are hyper focused on delivering this vision! Stay tuned.

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