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We’ve Launched a Community, and You’re Invited!

We’ve got an amazing audience here on MarTech and the fact that we continue to grow organically year after year must mean we’re doing something right. But one of the things we’ve never done is connect with you. Sure, we have our personal and branded social media accounts – but that’s not a dedicated discussion forum where you can get or give assistance to other marketing professionals without the noise and advertising that floods your streams.

So, we’ve launched our own MarTech community and we’re inviting you! Just click through on the link, request an invitation (please let us know why you wish to join), and we’ll let you in. Of course, the discussions are sparse right now since we’ve just launched the site.

Not only do we have the community set up with topics across our categories, we also have channels set up for independent consultants, marketing agencies, corporate marketers, enterprise marketers, and service providers. Ask questions, publish polls, write posts, and share events. We’re currently providing this community at no cost while we grow it – so get in early and we’ll keep your account free for the lifetime of the community.

Register for our Community

You can also participate via a mobile applicaiton, just go to the invite page above, scroll down, and request a text!

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Marketing Technology: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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