Mashup Camp this week in Mountain View, CA


This week, I’m sadly on the sidelines during Mashup Camp. My new job responsibilities have pulled me back from Integration and more into product management. Last year I attended the first annual Mashup Camp and quickly built some friendships with the talented group of individuals who built the program. In fact, I actually host the Mashup Camp websites and designed the logo that they are using this year.

Going to these camps, one is absolutely inspired by the ingenuity and entrepreneurial talent that has collected in the same room. These are the guys that push technology to its limits, building the most incredible integrations between services and applications on different platforms, languages, and architectures. Some of the demos you see absolutely blow you away.

Working for an API provider, it was even more exciting because you built out features for someone to use, but never imagined that folks would incorporate your technologies into the products they have developed the way they have.

If you’re in Mountain View, CA, this week and cancel your golf game and go to Mashup Camp. It’s an unconference that will leave you with a million ideas on how to expand your own product offerings. Say hello to David Berlind for me (when he gets a chance to catch his breath!). David is instrumental in pulling this great event off and has his fingers on the Mashup pulse.

Sure wish I was there!

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