Mass Relevance: Tools to Leverage Content Curation


Some of you may be asking what content curation is. There's a ridiculous volume of content being published on the web via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news, Youtube and other mediums. Chances are that some of that content is valuable to your audience – but it requires some analysis, filtering and presentation in a manner that is helpful. On Martech Zone, we curate a lot of content. One example is infographics. While we find a ton of them, we're careful to review, filter, analyze and explain why they are applicable to our audience as well as what our opinion might be.

Content Curation can be extremely helpful to your brand and site conversions as well. Imagine if you could add a live feed of social comments, reviews and tweets to your home page from happy customers in real-time. That's valuable content… and perhaps a lot more influential than the standard testimonial block or client logo. This requires content creation tools.

The act of content curation is very resource intensive. Just within our office, we all read several sources daily, have social monitoring pushing information to us about our clients and their competitors, and Google alerts monitoring new articles via the web. We work hard to boil down each of these sources into some concise snippets of information that we can send to our clients to keep them up to date on things. It requires a combination of intellect, experience and technology to get it done right… and it's a moving process that is continuously changing.

A great example of content curation is how television shows publish twitter updates that may be popular with their viewing audience. The process isn't simple – the tweets need to be relevant, unoffensive and entertaining.

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Mass Relevance is a cloud based platform that allows marketers and media to curate large volumes of content and leverage it for their own audience. The Mass Relevance platform pulls out relevant content from Twitter and other social networks, filters the extracted conversations on user defined rules, and creates visualizations for marketers to embed in the website, and include in mobile apps, display on TV screens, paste on store locations, or do anything else.

Mass Relevance offers the marketer a series of pre-built tools or modules, which work either independently with a dedicated user interface, or as part of a larger platform combining two or more modules.

The tools or modules on offer include:

  1. Amplification Products such as Mass Ratings to capture posted star ratings and Mass Expressions to capture social sharing.
  2. Engagement products such as Mass Trends which visualize social activity trends, Mass Streams which curate social conversations and select the right display, Mass Gallery which generates an interactive image wall with images from different social streams, Mass Leaderboard which provides a social rank and promote the most active of audience communities, Mass Maps which displays social content by geographic location, Mass Counters which sheds light on the volume of social activity taking place.
  3. Interaction products such as Mass Answers which allow marketers to post directly to the audience and control reply streams and Mass Polls which enables social voting.

Mass Relevance offers the following readymade solutions combining one or more of the above tools:

  1. Companion which combines dynamic content across the social media.
  2. Conductor which aggregates social content on a topic or product.
  3. Flock-To-Unlock to provide exclusive content accessible through community participation
  4. Zeitgeist a multi layered dashboard that provides the sum of all social activity in a structured and easy to control way

Using Mass Relevance, marketers can control or moderate everything that takes place related to the brand in the social media space. The benefits of integration passed on to customers and prospects enhance their experience and provide scope for better engagement.

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