What Data-Related Tools Are Marketers Using to Measure and Analyze?

data driven marketing

One of the most shared posts we’ve ever written was on what analytics is and the types of analytics tools available to help marketers monitor their performance, analyze opportunities for improvement, and measure response and user behavior. But what tools are marketers using?

According to Econsultancy’s latest survey, Marketers utilize web analytics overwhelmingly, then Excel, social analytics, mobile analytics, A/B or multivariate testing, relational databases (SQL), business intelligence platforms, tag management, attribution solutions, campaign automation, statistical packages, session monitoring, data management platforms (DMP), NoSQL databases, and demand-side platforms (DSP).

Econsultancy’s Measurement and Analytics report, produced in association with Lynchpin, found that there is an analytics skills gap in the use of digital analytics tools, statistical modeling and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

A quick search of jobs online and there are about 80,000 openings for talented analytics experts. If you’re any type of marketer, there’s no doubt that the ability to analyze and measure your marketing performance is becoming a very critical skill in any environment.


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