Medallia: Improve the B2B Customer Experience


Understanding and tracking the quality of your overall customer experience is becoming increasingly difficult because your customers touch so many different parts of your organization. With marketers using leads-and-contact software, these siloed informational tools are not only expensive and inefficient, but they can make it nearly impossible to have a holistic view of customers and their experience with your company.

Marketing teams can much more effectively understand customer issues when they can see a unified view of all types of feedback, combining an overall satisfaction / relationship survey view with satisfaction with each of the key interaction points that collectively constitute the customer experience.

Medallia’s new B2B offering enables this. It provides you with more than just glimpses into your customers’ view of the experience. You get a holistic portrait, the entire view of the experience that all of your customer stakeholders are going through. The advantage of this view? It highlights the big improvement opportunities that are cross-departmental in nature, improvement opportunities that, while obvious to your customers, may slip between the cracks inside the silos of B2B firms.


The solution from Medallia gathers feedback from every customer touchpoint website, location, support, direct sales, even partner interactions—and then registers that feedback in a unified system that provides your company a consistent view across departments. It doesn’t just allow your departments to see the part of the business they are responsible for; it enables your account teams to understand feedback at the account level and lets your executives understand the entire picture of your customers’ experience.


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