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Mediafly Revenue360: The Evolution of Sales Enablement Technology

Before 2020, B2B buyer behaviors had already begun shifting to favor digital and self-service channels. With more buyers firmly cemented in the world of digital selling, there’s no going back.

71% of buyers willingly spend over $50,000 on a single transaction using a remote or self-service model, for example.


To remain competitive and relevant, revenue teams will need different skills and robust technology to support multi-experience buying as the number of self-directed buying interactions remains greater than human interactions. The future of sales requires a transformation of companies’ processes, resource allocation, and strategies as the market reorients from a seller-centric to a buyer-centric approach.

Today’s revenue teams need innovative tools to assess, coach, predict and interact with buyers at every stage of their journey. Enter Mediafly’s Revenue360 suite.

The Four Pillars of Revenue360

Revenue360 is a unified, data-driven platform for sales enablement, customer engagement, revenue intelligence, and value selling. With it, revenue teams can more effectively and efficiently capture and analyze data to glean real-time insights to create, adapt and pivot their sales processes. 

The platform brings science to sales, using real-time buyer and seller activity and engagement signals to take a prescriptive, data-based approach to sales enablement and execution.

In addition to a robust insights engine, the platform offers enterprise-grade security and a scalable data lake architecture to support seamless integrations. Revenue360 includes a suite of options deployable together or as individual solutions.

  • Coach360 empowers revenue leaders to onboard, train, and coach revenue teams, thus equipping them with the processes, knowledge, tech, and content required to meet sales quotas. The solution includes Conversation Intelligence; Coaching Plans, Smart Alerts, and Scorecards to help reps master skills; Coaching Insights; a single source of truth for sales training content; and learning management capabilities.
Mediafly Coach360 for sales enablement
  • Engagement360 includes an Enterprise content management system, advanced presentation tools, and interactive content creation tools & services (animated explainer videos, interactive presentations, curated microsites, and video & screen recordings) to help revenue teams capture and keep buyers’ attention with personalized content experiences.
Mediafly Engagement360 for sales enablement
  • Intelligence360 offers a wealth of revenue intelligence tools and reports, including sales analytics, KPI tracking, conversational intelligence, pipeline management, and predictive forecasting. This flexible, no-code solution delivers real-time data and insights, enabling revenue teams to improve pipeline health, boost forecast accuracy and effectively manage the entire revenue journey.
Mediafly Intelligence360 for sales enablement
  • Value360 empowers revenue teams to create business value and diagnostic assessments, ROI, and TCO calculators that marketers, sellers, and customer success managers can leverage to quantify and communicate value to B2B buyers across the customer lifecycle.
Mediafly Value360 for sales enablement

Eliminate Data Silos and Point Tools With An All-In-One Platform

Revenue teams need 360-degree visibility into a buyer’s journey to identify more direct routes to close the sale. Revenue360 allows revenue teams to cut through the noise, meet the buyer where they are, and quickly accelerate them to a purchase decision.

While many B2B companies have begun leveraging various revenue intelligence solutions to empower buyers with sales activity data, they often struggle to make the data actionable and find having incomplete or siloed data does more harm than good. Today’s revenue teams require a robust intelligence engine capable of delivering a single, real-time view of all activity and engagement insights with prescriptive next steps.

Revenue360 allows sales teams to understand, influence and engage buyers by mining all data input to create a 360-degree view of a buyer, detecting signals including conversation keywords, sales meeting activity, content consumption and shares, value calculator output, and more.

The platform captures data and provides insights across the customer lifecycle to empower all commercial teams, from marketing to sales to customer success, to achieve a shared goal — revenue.

  • Revenue leaders can identify sales coaching opportunities, assess pipeline health, and forecast accurately.
  • Marketing teams can streamline content delivery, understand content performance and usage, and create consistent, on-brand materials.
  • Sellers can understand where and how they need to engage with prospects, and prioritize deals most likely to close.
  • Post-sale teams can quantify and communicate realized value and proactively identify up- and cross-sell opportunities. 

Revenue360 solves the critical challenges revenue teams face today — long sales cycles, stalled deals, lack of predictability, ineffective coaching, unused content, lengthy ramp times, and ultimately, uncaptured revenue left on the table quarter after quarter. Unlike traditional sales enablement and revenue intelligence solutions that work independently, trapping data in disparate tools, we deliver an integrated data-driven experience that elevates enablement and improves sales execution.

James Davison, Chief Product Officer, Mediafly

Win More Deals with Customer Journey Insights

The B2B journey now resembles that of B2C: an interconnected experience with multiple touchpoints and digital, self-service channels bringing buyers to a purchase decision. This variety has reduced visibility into the buyer journey — and shrunk insight into the content and information buyers require to make purchase decisions.

Sellers need data and insights to remove this roadblock, help sellers and revenue leaders understand a deal’s position in the pipeline, and identify the steps required to move the buyer over the finish line. Customer journey analytics and insights like those available in Revenue360 use real-time data to improve revenue and customer relationships.

Revenue360: A Proven Success

Combining sales enablement, customer engagement, revenue intelligence, and value selling capabilities, customers using Revenue360 have:

  • Increased win rates 6x.
  • Reduced sales cycles by as much as 25%.
  • Increased revenue by 28%.

As more companies recognize the value of strategically integrating sales, marketing, and service departments, they’re shifting to holistic, revenue operations (RevOps). Tech stack consolidation has become inevitable. With this integration — and a permanent shift to digital selling — Revenue360 offers a dependable, robust intelligence and enablement solution to capture sales activity and engagement data from the entire customer lifecycle and use the insights to improve sales forecasting, execution and win rates.

Digital selling gives buyers tremendous control and puts sellers in reactive mode. B2B revenue leaders watching this shift unfold face two options: Proactively embrace it and take advantage of the related signals or sit back in wait-and-see mode. B2B revenue leaders who aren’t leveraging the tools to build a modern sales process are already behind. With Revenue360, revenue leaders can predictably grow revenue in a digital world.

Carson Conant, CEO and Co-founder of Mediafly

From sales enablement and content management to value selling, customer engagement to revenue intelligence, Mediafly is your command center to coach, assess, predict and interact with audiences more effectively at every stage of the buyer journey

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Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is CMO of OpenINSIGHTS and the founder of the Martech Zone. Douglas has helped dozens of successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to assist companies in implementing and automating their sales and marketing strategies. Douglas is an internationally recognized digital transformation and MarTech expert and speaker. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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