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Marketers have meetings all the time as do agencies… meetings are the lifeblood of ideation and planning. But meetings can be terribly unproductive as well. While many people want meetings all the time, I often resist. Meetings are taxing and expensive. Sometimes fear spurs a meeting where people just want to cover their butt. Other times, meetings produce a ton more work even though you’re not completed yet.

I recently wrote a post asking, Is an Empty Meeting Room a Sign of Productivity? and a few years ago I even spoke that Meetings were the Death of American Productivity.

I wasn’t kidding… I had just resigned from a huge corporation where I literally had 30+ hours of meetings every week. I stopped going to any meeting that didn’t have a purpose, a reason for me to be there, and an action plan. My meetings went down to an hour or two a week and I was more productive than ever.

They say there’s an app for everything, and now we may just have one for meeting productivity, MeetingHero. MeetingHero is easy to use on any phone, tablet and computer so you can capture important details anytime.


MeetingHero Features Include

  • Capture and Collaborate in Real-Time – Easy to collaborate and capture critical meeting
    details so everyone is heard and nothing gets lost.
  • Shorter, Focused Meetings – MeetingHero makes it easy for you and your team to create, share and stick to meeting agendas so you can have focused, productive conversations, and meaningful takeaways.
  • Drive More Decisions – By providing just the right amount of structure during your meeting, MeetingHero helps guide your team toward making decisions and agreeing on next steps.
  • Stay Informed with Shareable Meeting Summaries – Every meeting has an easy to access, shareable meeting summary, so you can skip out on meetings and still stay informed.
  • All Your Meeting Notes – MeetingHero organizes all of your meeting notes from all of your meetings so you can easily remember what you talked about, what decisions you made and what was left unresolved.
  • Calendar Integration – MeetingHero syncs with Google Calendar (others coming soon), so you can create and invite people to meetings the way you always do, and use MeetingHero to ensure those meetings are way more productive and engaging.


  1. 1

    Meetings can be dreadful sometimes, I understand you, no doubt, but can inspire something artistic in all of us during one, 
    I get out of some meetings quite refreshed. I’ve never used this app but I find it rather interesting, especially I like the part of your post with the features, it’s quite well put. At the moment I’m using an app called The Meetings from company named Exquisitus, it has things you’ve never thought of, I like it that its sync-ed with lots of applications.

  2. 2

    Its still a pretty new tool but I like it a lot because its simple and usable. There are some basics that you can’t do (can’t delete “meetings” that are just calendar appointments as it pulls entirely from your calendar sync) but overall its a really good tool.

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