Meltwater Buzz Social Media Marketing Suite

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Meltwater provides a rich Results-Driven Social Media Marketing platform that's popular globally, especially in the public relations industry.

Cultivate strong social business communities with Meltwater social media marketing solutions to build brands, nurture advocates and drive revenue. Meltwater social media marketing solutions combine deep social media monitoring and analytics with efficient social engagement to help you create more effective marketing campaigns and build deeper brand relationships across large communities to deliver real social media ROI.

Features as described on the Meltwater site:

  • Social Media Monitoring Solutions – Gain insight from social media on how to grow your business with Meltwater social media monitoring solutions. Identify trends you can utilize in your social media marketing campaigns. Understand the source of social opinions to improve influencer outreach. Investigate the sentiment behind social commentary to adjust the tone of your marketing content. Target your social media marketing where your company’s message is likely to get the most traction. Meltwater social media monitoring solutions help you filter out the noise, so you can focus on the social conversations that offer real business insight and opportunity.
  • Social Media Strategy – Increase social media ROI by basing your social media marketing strategy on deeper business insight. Understand the needs of your target audience with social media monitoring. Review social commentary to determine how well you and your competitors address those needs. Analyze the social media channels your target audience uses most when talking about your product to increase your social influence. Build a social media strategy that reflects your key differentiators with Meltwater social media marketing solutions to increase the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Engagement Solutions – Inspire deeper social media engagement to motivate brand advocacy. Social media marketing success is founded on social media engagement. Unlike broadcast advertising and direct marketing, it's not enough to plan what you are going to say and do, you have to predict what your social community will comment on and share. You have to inspire social media engagement. Strengthen your customer and community relationships by engaging more personally on behalf of your brands. Turn conversations into customers and customers into brand advocates through deeper social media engagement.
  • Social Media Analytics – Measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns with Meltwater social media analytics solutions. Clicks and followers don't indicate the business value of a social media campaign. Meltwater social media analytics solutions help you understand how your campaigns affect social conversations and how those conversations translate into real business value. Demonstrate how social media marketing complements your traditional marketing efforts. Make fact-based decisions to increase social media marketing return on investment with better social media analytics.

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