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Jim Berryhill spent over 30 years in enterprise software sales and sales management, leading high-performance teams at ADR, CA, Siebel Systems, and HP Software with a focus on value selling. He founded DecisionLink with a vision to make customer value a strategic asset by delivering the first enterprise-class platform for customer value management.

Max is the Customer Success Lead at Pushwoosh. He enables SMB and Enterprise customers to boost their marketing automation projects for higher retention and revenue.

Elena Teselko is a content manager at YouScan. She has more than five years of experience in marketing and communications, including working in an advertising agency, IT companies, and media.

Polina Haryacha is a Founder at CloutBoost, a data-driven, acquisition-focused marketing agency that unites brands with like-minded gamers. With over a decade of experience in product marketing, user acquisition, and marketing analytics, Polina is a noted expert featured on TechCrunch, AdExchanger, Adweek, and other industry media. She is also a speaker at top digital marketing conventions, including Digital Summit and PubCon, where she shares her expertise in launching and growing mobile, PC, and console games.