Men vs. Women Online Shopping

men vs women online shopping

Who likes gender assumptions? I do… I do… mostly because everything that talks about gray, divorced fat guys in their 40s is spot on with my lifestyle. I'm a typical hunter when it comes to shopping… I want, I get, I get out of there. My research starts typically after I open the box and find out I bought something I didn't need, want, or understand. I'm a single father who lives with a 19 year old daughter, Katie, who is one of the most incredible shoppers I've ever seen. She absolutely didn't inherit my habits, so I'm going to say it's in the gender genes.

This infographic from Payment Sense spells it out… here are 6 key findings from their research into male and female shopping trends:

  • More women than men shop online
  • Women are bargain hunters
  • Women go for handmade and vintage items
  • Tech for boys and shoes for girls? Think again
  • Women love apps
  • Want to promote your brand to your female demographic? Get on social media

Of course, this all supports my premise that it's truly women who rule the world!


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