S’il Vous Plaît et Merci

Doug and the Eiffel TowerIf you hadn’t noticed yet, I’ve been over in Paris working with a firm. It’s been a whirlwind trip and we’re actually heading back today (it’s 6:30AM here). Leading up to the trip, I would have loved to have brushed up on my French so I didn’t sound like such an ignorant American. Luckily, almost everyone we’ve run into here speaks English well.

We spoke with a colleague yesterday, and he told us there were really only two terms you need to know in Paris so that you don’t insult the locals by assuming they speak your language… that’s merci (thank-you) and please (s’il vous plaît). It got me thinking about how we treat each other as businesses. Because payment is typically changing hands, we often forget to say please or thank-you.

Someone told me once that it’s never the intent of an employee or vendor to do a ‘bad job’. Even though there are many businesses that miscommunicate, under-deliver, or run into time issues… they probably never intended to have it happen that way. I’m going to work a little harder at thanking and politely asking for results… I want to work with people that understand that business is business but fostering a strong relationship and being polite should always take precedence.

Thank-you for your patronage on the blog. My analytics never lies and I’ve noticed that we’ve flatlined the last couple weeks on growth. This is largely to do with the consistency of the posts. Now that my trip is complete and the last edits to Corporate Blogging for Dummies are in, I’m looking forward to doing some deeper research and increasing the quality of the blog posts. If you have any questions you’d like us to tackle, please utilize our ChaCha.me form in the home page sidebar to post a question to us.

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