MetaCX: Manage Customer Lifecycles Collaboratively With Outcome-Based Selling


Over a decade ago, I worked with some incredible talent in the SaaS industry – including working as a product manager for Scott McCorkle and many years as an integration consultant working with Dave Duke. Scott was a relentless innovator who was able to leap over any challenge. Dave was a consistently transformative account manager who assisted the world’s largest organizations to ensure their expectations were exceeded.

It’s no surprise that the two teamed up, researched the difficulties in B2B sales, implementation, and client churn… and came up with a solution, MetaCX. MetaCX is a platform built to ensure buyers and sellers collaborate transparently to document, track, and exceed the customer’s business goals.

MetaCX Product Overview

Buyers at SaaS and digital product companies feel a lack of confidence that sales promises will be kept. What happens after the deal is signed?

MetaCX has built a platform that transforms how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together. MetaCX provides a shared space where suppliers and buyers can define and measure outcomes together, aligning sales, success, and delivery teams around the real business impact that customers can see.

The collaborative platform between buyers and sellers provides:

  • Success Plans – Ensure the achievement of desired business outcomes by creating a step-by-step plan of action for each customer.
  • Templates – Produce success plan templates tailored to specific use cases and personas to simplify and scale outcomes-based selling and success.
  • Notifications – Get notified when a prospect or customer joins a bridge you’ve shared or interacts with any bridge element so that you can react in real-time.
  • Moments – Celebrate key moments in the customer lifecycle—new partnerships, completed implementations, and signed renewals to visualize forward momentum.
  • Lifecycle Stages – Create a success plan aligned to every lifecycle stage to ensure you and your customers are meeting short and long term goals.
  • Handoffs – Visualize the handoff within MetaCX to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals and objectives.
  • Bridges – Invite customers and prospects to a shared, co-branded space where you can document and collaborate around success plans.
  • Teams – Bring the customer experience to life and start collaborating with relevant stakeholders by creating teams of people aligned to every lifecycle stage.
  • Retention Warnings – Detect hidden retention risks by tracking specific actions and behaviors that reveal customers that are about to churn.

Every outcome in a MetaCX success plan is tied to milestones and metrics that use data to track outcome achievement throughout the customer lifecycle.

The outcomes that your customers care about will influence the type of data you pull into MetaCX. You can pull in events from your own product or from another system including your CRM, financial system, or event platform. Once your business systems feed events into the platform through a connection, MetaCX uses the criteria and deadlines you specify to tell you how close a customer is to outcome achievement.

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