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You folks may have read about the tiff a while back between Robert Scoble and Twitter. Scoble did meet with Twitter and resolve the situation. Some folks are speaking about a business model with these micro-blogging services where popular users pay for the service.

I’d actually like to submit a better proposal and that’s for the net’s micro-blogging platforms (Friendfeed, Tumblr, Jaiku, Twitter, Pownce, Seesmic, Brightkite, Plurk, Qik, etc.) to decide on a Micro-Blogging Protocol. All of these services could then become Micro-Blogging Providers.

Mobile, video, sound, links, attachments, photos, and messages could all be contained in a single, clean protocol. The ability to ‘follow’ could be leveraged across all platforms. Each platform could be distinctive from the other in their user tools and interfaces, but the load and popularity of some over another could begin to be dispersed. Not every provider even has to support the different media. This would provide greater uptime and users could gravitate towards the client applications they love best.

It’s not a novel approach – it would be much like Internet Service Providers have done with email. I can utilize whatever client I’d like and universally contact anyone on my contact list.

So there you have it – time for a Micro-Blogging Protocol in the industry! And let’s call the the providers Micro-Blogging Providers. Let’s make these easier for the consumer!


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    Micro blogging should be integrated service where users will be able to use it as bulk text messaging (to update all friends), status bar on social networks (like FaceBook status function), and even email signature.

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    Sounds like a great idea, except at least one people each within several of those companies would actually have to take the leadership to make it happen. I may be getting cynical, but I’ve seen many related things that could happen but didn’t so I don’t see this happening, at least not until a behemoth like Google establishes the protocol and says “everyone follow it, or else.” Sorry for being negative, but once bitten twice shy.

    BTW, not sure if you noticed but I finally switched my blog to WordPress after a self-imposed hiatus of almost a year. I was waiting for the time (and motivation) to finally change from my old software that had become more trouble that it was worth. Now I can do more than just comment on your blog and others; I can actually start blogging again!

    FYI, yours is only one of three (3) blogs I listed as actively following right now. I think I might have to add another blogroll category of “Blogs I would follow if I only had the time!” for all the other great blogs out there. ‘-)

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      Truth be told, I’ve not been doing as much reading of blogs (I love) as much as I should. Sometimes work gets in the way ;).

      I appreciate the support and welcome back to the blogosphere, Mike!


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        Frankly I don’t see how anyone has the time to read many blogs. When I allow myself to go for a period where I get nothing done and then I feel really bad about myself for doing so. Then if I manage to allow myself to get sucked into a “conversation” (read “debate”) that’s when it really becomes a timesuck. I don’t know how people who are gainfully employed manage to find the time for it.

        But one of the reasons why I continue to I read yours is that, for the topics that interest me, yours is much higher on the “signal” than on “noise” ratio than most blogs. Kudos.

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