Microsoft Launches MySpace…Spaces…er…Error

I got the following error when clicking the Search button across the top search form on Microsoft Spaces in Mozilla Firefox:

Spaces Error

Internet Monopoly Rules:

  1. You don't need to copy, you have enough money to buy them and save everyone the disappointment.
  2. Remember that there are other browsers out there, there really are! Did you forget those lawsuits already?
  3. You have enough money to create something different. Do #1 or do something different.


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    I’ve actually got .NET framework loaded and running. I actually develop in .NET. If this is indeed, the issue, then a much better error message is in order. Or perhaps a script that tests the framework prior to loading the page.

    I’m going to try again in a couple days.

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    when i load i dont see a SEARCH link. Perhaps they took it down for repairs?

    Either way, did you report this bug to them like a responsible person? I doubt Microsoft’s team reads this blog.

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    No, I did not report this bug to Microsoft. I don’t believe that end-users of software products should be the persons responsible to report bugs. I believe in robust testing and quality assurance programs. Given Microsoft’s profitability, I believe Microsoft can afford this.

    That said, I should say clearly that I am not a “Microsoft Basher”. Had this been Yahoo!, I would have posted the same exact message.

    Had it been open source, I would have reported the bug like a ‘responsible person’.

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