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Most B2B Marketing teams find themselves writing proposals (RFPs) and marketing material in Microsoft Word over and over and over. Once your business starts to grow, you find that you have documentation all over the place. We utilize Google Docs for our client documentation and collaboration. We use Tinderbox for our proposal repository.

Since the majority of enterprise companies continue to utilize Microsoft Word to write out their documentation… there’s no easy way to leverage that documentation. ThirtySix Software is a regional company that recently demonstrated their Microsoft technology-based repository system at Verge – a monthly conference spotlighting great startups in the region.

Utilizing Microsoft Sharepoint services, ThirtySix Software developed SmartDocs to answer a very specific – but enormous – problem. Large companies with tons of documentation didn’t have a means of organizing, finding, and automatically integrate the documentation for different uses. Now they do with SmartDocs. SmartDocs is a content management and content reuse solution in Microsoft Word.


Highlights of SmartDocs features:

  • Leverage already authored and approved content to quickly create new Microsoft Word documents.
  • Easily reuse text, tables, graphics, and charts across Microsoft Word documents.
  • Use conditional text to generate multiple variations of output from a single Microsoft Word document.
  • Eliminate inconsistent and out-of-date content with proactive change notifications and automatic updates.
  • Works with legacy Microsoft Word documentation. No document conversion is required.
    Integrates with any document management system.
  • Continue to store your documents in the same location you use today.

Some audience members asked about the company’s plans to work and integrate on other office platforms. ThirtySix Software responded that there would be no such plans – the system is written in C#, designed with Sharepoint, and works specifically with Microsoft Word. I agree with ThirtySix that this is an excellent strategy – the market for Microsoft is enormous and the cost and losses associated with muddying their vision would be too much.

Visit ThirtySix Software for additional information or a demonstration of their software.

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