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Our client, Mindjet, has launched a new offering specifically designed for enterprises. In addition, they rolled out an update to their Connect collaborative work management product – bringing full integrations across Web, desktop and mobile devices for anytime, anywhere collaboration (and a new website to match the new solutions).

Mindjet Connect V4 continues the product evolution to provide a single user experience that connects ideas and plans with execution of those plans.

Mindjet Connect users now get

  • Top level navigation between the Vision and Action elements of Connect, creating a single, seamless web experience that joins collaboration to create ideas, strategies and plans, with the ability to assign and track initiatives through execution and completion.
  • A simple single sign on via Google and Facebook for quick and easy access to the product
  • In-product connections to interactive videos
  • Increased available storage to 2GB for Basic/5 GB for Business
  • Coming soon! Mindjet Connect integration with Android

Mindjet Overview

As part of Mindjet’s evolution the company is announcing new offerings specifically designed for enterprises, teams and individuals that more accurately reflect how businesses use Mindjet for collaboration. These new offerings are focused to better meet customer needs. All offerings include MindManager, Mindjet’s legendary desktop software, and Mindjet mobile applications.

  • Mindjet is designed for organizations that need to collaborate with multiple internal teams and external partners, offering both cloud-based and on-premise collaboration and professional services and support.
  • Employees can now quickly move from concept to planning and then immediately execute on those plans and tasks either in the public cloud (through Connect) or in a secure SharePoint environment (through Connect SP).
  • Mindjet also includes solution templates and consulting with additional training, professional services, and priority customer service and support.

Mindjet for Teams is for departments and groups that want to quickly move from concept to planning to execution. Employees get Mindjet’s powerful MindManager with its robust brainstorming and planning features, Mindjet Connect’s Vision and Action modules, and Mindjet’s popular mobile applications so they can collaborate and share work regardless from any location, platform or device.

Mindjet for Individuals is the perfect product for information workers who need to create ideas, manage information and share that work with others. Professionals get Mindjet’s powerful MindManager with its robust brainstorming and planning features, along with Mindjet Connect and Mobile to share work regardless from any location, platform or device.

Sign up for Mindjet now… a basic account is free!

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