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After leaving the newspaper industry, one of my first jobs was developing prospect databases for B2B vendors. Using some third party tools, we developed a means to develop a custom index on firmagraphic traits on your client base. In other words, we would identify your ideal clients by revenue, number of employees, industry codes, years in service, location and any other information we could find.

Once we knew what the common customer looked like, we would utilize those profiles to score prospect databases. You didn’t have to come up with a match, all you needed to do was to put the prospect lists in order… who looked the closest like your clients versus who looked the least like your clients. It was a little more complex since the index and scoring incorporated multivariate indexes… but those are the basics.

It appears the folks of Mintigo have taken this methodology, applied it to the web, and put it on steroids!

The Mintigo site lists 5 reasons to utilize their service:

  1. Reach the Right Audience – Complete and accurate information on both people and companies lets you bypass gatekeepers and directly connect with decision makers, improving pipeline, closing rate, and sales cycle.
  2. Boost Pipeline Efficiency – More Mintigo leads convert to sales than from other sources, up to 70% more sales per day, according to Mintigo customer surveys.
  3. Easy, Predictable Lead Flow – It takes you five minutes to fill the monthly lead capacity – let Mintigo do the heavy lifting for you with a predictable flow of Mintigo-verified leads. Your marketing staff can process more leads faster with the confidence that their pipeline will always be full.
  4. Shorten Sales Cycles – Mintigo packs more insight into every contact because each lead matches the profile of your highest propensity buyer. Mintigo-verified leads deliver to sales teams the information they need for effective account planning and let marketers zero in on targets for segmented campaigns.
  5. Generate New Revenue Streams – Mintigo uncovers hidden market potential by scanning more than 10 million prospect companies, finding matching ones based on deep attributes, rather than just simple firmographic information. Customers have found that up to 90% of Mintigo leads were new to them – even in markets they have already thoroughly explored using lists.

Special thanks to friend and client Isaac Pellerin, Revenue Marketing Manager at TinderBox, for pointing this service out to me. Tinderbox is sales proposal software that makes it simple for you to create, edit and track sales proposals. We use it and we love it!

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