Social Swipe: An Ingenious User Experience for Charitable Donations

social swipe

Many times in marketing, it’s a great practice to go through the conversion process, identifying every single step and behavior, and understanding what solutions can be implemented to overcome it. For charities, it’s the disconnect between the service that’s doing the work and the time and location of the donation.

This solution from Misereor, the Social Slide, is an ingenious solution to solving two distinct issues:

  1. People just aren’t carrying cash anymore.
  2. A donation box doesn’t provide insight into what’s accomplished with the money.

Enter Social Swipe. A video interacts with the credit card swipe of the person donating money. As they swipe and donate food, a slice of bread is sliced. Or as they swipe and donate to fight human trafficking, the bonds holding someone’s hands are broken. Truly an amazing solution.

Social Swipe Donation

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